My Clojure(script) journey

I've been learning Functional Programming for quite some time: I studied a bit of Haskell, played around with ReasonML, and ultimately started to work with Elixir. At some point, though, I realized I wanted to try a different language: this is when Clojure comes in - it simply looked really different from the code I was used to writing, which made me decide on trying to learn it.

Clojure is a really nice language and the whole "REPL oriented development" thing is magic, but it took me some time to actually enjoy the language and learn what the REPL meant for the whole development experience. I'll use this post to talk a little about my Clojure(script) journey and how I eventually started loving it.

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Handling message errors using Broadway and AWS SQS

For the past few months, I've been working on an Elixir project for a fintech. This project had one particularity: its main source of data would come from SQS queues -almost no data would be created from the application itself. Since SQS needed to be used, Broadway seemed like the right tool for the job.

In this post, I am going to talk a little about how I managed to set up a data ingestion pipeline using Broadway to consume data from an SQS queue while dealing with corrupt messages and other constraints. I'll use simpler schemas and data to represent stuff, but it should help you in complex cases, such as the one I went through.

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React prerendering experiments in Clojure(script) land

I've been kinda fascinated about pre-rendering my react applications for about three months. It all started when I started to develop brundij and realized I wouldn't be able to get good performance results without some prerendering techniques, which ultimately led me into reading lots of stuff about it.

I have developed React applications for some time already, but never really had to get prerendering to work without using frameworks such as Gatsby or Next, so this was a new challenge for me. I ended up deciding to write this post talking about all the stuff I tried and what I think about each of those. This should not be seen as a tutorial, all the stuff here is highly experimental.

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